We’ll enact laws to improve economy – Obaseki

Gov. Godwin Obaseki of has expressed his ’s readiness to enact laws and strengthen existing ones to improve the state’s economy.

Obaseki said this addressing participants at the State Transition Committee’s engagement with artisans on Friday in Benin.

Obaseki assured the artisans that his was open and accountable to the people of the state including tax payers.

He said his government had been working to eliminate cash payment for tax across the state to minimise corruption.

“As a government, we are looking at all the processes of tax collection, we will ensure no cash at hand tax payment, this will help us to check in the system.

“We are simplifying the tax system in the state to encourage people to key the tax system. You can commit crime in America and go free but not with tax evasion,” he said.

The governor also called on the people of the state to ensure they keyed the tax processes to encourage the government to for the people of Edo.

He said if the government could with the little resources from tax, it could also when people pay taxes.

On of the participants, Mr John Ojo, commended the Obaseki-led of for its achievements so far, adding that the state’s tax policies should be improved upon to block leakages. (NAN)