We Welcome the Exit of Prof. Nnaji as Power Minister –NLC Statement

We are pleased with the forced exit of Prof. Bart Nnaji who until last night was a major problem to renewed effort aimed at reactivating the power sector having compromised the Office of the Honourable of Power with his personal business interests, and being oblivious and a stumbling block to industrial peace and harmony in the industry.

Reports are already in the public domain on Prof. Nnaji’s record of financial recklessness, high handedness and diversion of major businesses meant for PHCN to his private companies as well as companies he has vested interests.

While we welcome his long awaited exit, we call on President Goodluck Jonathan to institute a thorough investigation into his tenure as in the Power Ministry.

We also call on Mr. President to create an atmosphere of fairness and justice for speedy of all outstanding labour matters in the process of disengaging some PHCN employees, which Prof. Nnaji stalled before his exit.

The contentious issue of severance is an issue that cannot be resolved through , but Nnaji chosed to heat up the system by blocking every avenue for and invited armed military personnel to intimidate workers under spurious pretences.

We believe the ongoing between labour and government will resolve these issues as quickly as possible if government is willing to accept meaningful in appreciation of the Condition of Service of the workers.


Chris Uyot

Ag General Secretary


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