‘We want Maina dead now,’ suspected Assassins scream while storming Mother’s Home

Reports Sunday night said some men suspected to be assasins stormed the residence of the  mother of embattled for Chairman of Pension Task Team Abdulrasheed Maina in Kaduna.

Newsdiaryonline learnt that the suspected assassins  who stormed the house  demanded the whereabouts of Maina and his mother.

An eyewitness said: “Just a few  hours ago and they blasted the door of Maina’s   Mother’s House. There   were about 9 of them,  but 4 of them entered the house with a 406 and 5 stayed outside by the gate. All the 5 were dressed in Army uniform  while 4 were in jeans

“They hit the security guard and shouted “where is Maina and where is his mother”?. They said:” We want Maina dead now.”  They also said they would kill the security man if he doesn’t show  them where  Maina and his mother were.

“After that, they broke the front and back doors to the house and ransacked his  mother’s house and broke the ceiling and walls looking for Maina  or his Mother.

Sources said, unknown to the gunmen,Maina’s  mother had been away for 2 months now.

“After they finished with Maina’s  mother’s house, they took the security guard at the house and put him inside their 406 boot and handcuffed him , then took him to the bush very far from the town and threw him into the bush. Some villagers found him lying down still handcuffed and they brought him to Kaduna The security guard was taken to a police station.

It was also learnt  “the police bomb squad and other personnel  were later  deployed to the house to comb it,  in case the invaders  planted something sinister, or hatched another plan.”