We waited long enough for this revolution in Kenya – Arudo


A former university lecturer and activist who is among the leading voices in Kenya’s ongoing revolution, Dr. Tobias Opiyo Arudo has made some daunting statement about the current political crises in his country as well as President of Kenya William Ruto.

Speaking via a conversation with a colleague in Nigeria, Dr. Arudo shared his sad experience and why the revolution is a necessity for Kenyan citizens.

He said, “We have been waiting for this moment for long. Governments come and go. We keep on pushing this animal called corruption and mismanagement of resources under the carpet” Further he said some leaders boast of having more than eight million acres of land.

“Some new legislatures in less than two years are able to buy chopper. Where do they get this kind of money?”
Medical doctor interns cannot be employed, graduate teachers take over ten years to get absorbed in permanent jobs and president is proud to be globe trotting from one country y the next. We have reached the wall. The cat has to reveal its claws. That is what Gen-Zs are doing. Some people will be forced to go into exile. Some properties will have to be nationalised.

National growth LS

“Kenyans are demanding accountability. It is fire not water. Water cannons, teargas, live bullets will not silence a revolution. The journey has begun.”

Dr. Arudo, a Kenyan from Siaya County Nyanza Region is a
Social Scientist, Researcher and a retired University lecturer that taught at Kenyatta University for 35 years. He is currently involved in community mobilization, environmental improvement and youth empowerment.

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