“We are in the Middle of a Civil War in Northern Nigeria”-General Danjuma

By Danlami Nmodu

Highly respected  Elder   Statesman ,  Theophilus  Y.  Danjuma has once again , given a damning verdict on the sorry state of affairs Nigeria. said the   country is   “total anarchy”. Speaking particularly about the the part of the country, Danjuma said, “in the case of the north, the danger is very real indeed.Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the middle of a civil war in Nigeria.”

added that “There is no defined front this particular war and ,worse still,the enemy is faceless and unknown.There is no immunity for anyone.Moreover, this war is highly contagious.Needless to say, the social and economic cost is incalculable”

Speaking  bluntly and a rather worrisome fashion,Danjuma said  “I regret to confess that I have no suggested solution to this problem.It is up to us the elite to get together and brainstorm to solve our many problems.I take this opportunity therefore to appeal to the nation  for unity.We must unite order to solve our problems”

Danjuma,also a  former Minister of Defence  made these remarks on the occasion of the launching of the 50 billion fund raising for University phase 2, development project in Zaria.  said “given  the challenges now facing the nation,this ceremony affords us an appropriate opportunity for reflection .This is no time to doubt or to question what others have done or failed to :It is time to ask ourselves what we have done  or are doing as individuals to preserve or to enhance the heritage bequeathed  to us.In their time,our founding fathers placed emphasis on merit and self-reliance.They sought to create a united and self reliant society based on for human life and for the rights of others irrespective of tribe or religion.They would certainly be appalled today that the nation is in total anarchy.Human life is very cheap and impunity has become the norm.”Earlier, he commended ABU “for being the only truly federal University in the country”.

Former President Ibrahim Babangida who also spoke on the occasion  said “the choice before us ,therefore is very stark:opt for peace and happiness by contributing to the proper education of the younger generations of Nigerians or invite  anarchy that would end up consuming us all.” IBB who hailed Danjuma also noted that “ the developmental challenges facing this country today are daunting”.He  appealed to  well– to Nigerians to also push the  “new vision for education in our community forward” .

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