Wayas was a great nationalist – Ortom

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom on behalf of himself, Government and people of Benue State has described the demise of second republic President of the Senate, Dr Joseph Wayas as a huge loss to the country, especially the political class.

The Governor noted that the former President of the Senate was one of the best and fertile minds that bestrews the nation’s political space.

He recalled the synergy between the Alhaji Shehu Shagari led federal executive and the legislature led by Dr Wayas in the second republic pointing out that “there was mutual rest and adherence to the principle of separation of power without compromising the independence of the legislature”.

The Governor stated that Dr. Wayas will be remembered as President of the Senate who promoted rule of law, fairness, justice and equity in the allocation of resources to all part of Nigeria.

In Governor Ortom’s words, “Dr Wayas was a man of honour and immense political sagacity. He promoted harmony in politics of Nigeria. He operated within the ambits of the law. He never discriminated against any tribe or religion. He was a true Nigerian who took the entire nation as his constituency “.

Governor Ortom charged Nigerians especially the political class to emulate the virtues of Dr. Wayas who practiced politics with good conscience without bitterness.

He prayed that God will console  Nigerians, especially his immediate family, the government and people of Cross River state to take solace in the fact that Dr. Wayas lived an accomplished life worthy of emulation.