Water contamination: DPR orders integrity test on suspected filling station

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By Tina George, Minna

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has ordered an integrity test to be carried out on the underground storage tanks of Jagaba Nupe filling station in order to ascertain the source of contamination of water sources in Takogi community of Dogo, Lavun local government area of Niger.

According to a letter signed by Dr Musa Zagi on behalf of the Director of Petroleum Resources, the test whether or not the water contamination in the community is from the filling station.

“The Department has directed the Jagaban Nupe Filling station to carry out integrity test of her underground storage tanks to be monitored by our Abuja zonal office and your representatives to assess the possible source of water contamination,” it read.

In a letter addressed to Concerned Voices Against Water Pollution (CVAWP) of Takogi community and made available to newsmen in Minna, DPR confirmed the contamination of sources of water in the community. 

According to the letter, the water found and tested in the community was unsafe for use.

Titled, “Re-Complaint on the contamination of water resources in Takogi Area, Doko – Request for Intervention” the letter read:  “The Department  through our Kaduna-Abuja zonal office conducted a fresh investigation on the issue of the water contamination.

“The outcome of the investigation revealed that six out of eight samples collected and analyzed show elevated levels of oil and grease above WHO guideline for portable water. 

“All the eight samples analyzed have coliform level above the permissible limits of zero cfu/100.”

It also stated that other sources may be responsible for the contamination.

“The contamination of the ground water resources may be from the spent oil used as lubricant from the spent oil used as lubricant in drilling the Kpachinifugi’s house borehole commissioned in the first quarter of 2018.

“Or improper sanitary practice near the wells which are also close to toilet pits. The latter could result from the flow if pit effluent into the same part/hydraulic gradient that recharge the wells especially during raining season,” it further read.

The Agency assured the community that it would ensure that the investigation was properly conducted as it would be involved in all levels of the investigations.

DPR then called on the members of the Concerned Voices Against Water Polution to embark on awareness campaign on best sanitary practices and portable water management in Takogi community. 

Meanwhile, the community has called on well meaning individuals to come to their aid in providing an alternative source of water resources. 

A member of the Concerned Voices Against Water Pollution in Takogi community in Doko, Samuel Yisa said the community have been neglected by the state government decrying the way the state government has taken the matter with levity. 

“What we need now is the provision of alternative source of water. We call on NGOs and well spirited individuals to come to our aid because the community definitely needs an alternate source of water. We are worried because the rain will soon be here again which means the people will face another round of nightmare,” he said.

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