War Against Terror : Tambawal Tasks Sudan

(Press Release)The Speaker of House of Representatives, Rt. Hon Aminu Waziri Tambawal called on the and government of Sudan to collaborate with the Federal government in curbing the scourge of terrorism.

He told the Sudan Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr. Tagelsir Mahgoud Ali paid a courtesy visit yesterday that every efforts must be geared eradicating terrorism in the world.

According to , the impression being given as if it to do with Islam religion was wrong and must be corrected, adding that the terror acts in Nigeria nothing to do with religion.

“The situation in Nigeria is not about religion and collectively, we must overcome it. The impression being given as if it is the of religion is worrisome.”

Any where in the world “terrorists are enemies of humanity and they are indeed enemies of Nigeria.”

Speaker Tambawal also urged Sudan to rally  Nigeria in her quest for a permanent seat in the Security Council of the United Nations.

On the the issue of North and Southern Sudan was resolved amicably, the speaker commended the leaders of both sides, adding that it was a clear evidence that Africa come of age in resolving her internal crisis.

He noted that both countries had established mutual relationships for several decades, which he assured would be sustained as he called on investors from the two nations to utilize huge potentials in human and natural resources.

Earlier, the Ambassador, Dr. Ali applauded the roles played Nigeria in contemporary Sudan, particularly in resolving the North and South conflict and the Darfur crisis.

With the established cordial relationships, the ambassador said that time was ripe for the creation of a Financial commission, which he noted would serve as a catalyst for economic and industrial development.

For instance, he said that Nigerian investors have opportunity in like aviation, agriculture as the biggest producer of Sugar in Africa and one of the leading Cotton grower in the world.

In a related development, Speaker Tambawal  expressed the desire of the Nigerian parliament to lend support for the on- Constitution amendment in the country.

Responding to the request of Zambian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Paul Lombi, the Speaker said that it was good that the same process of constitution amendment was here in Nigeria, adding that Nigeria remains committed to democratic progress in every parts of Africa.

Nigeria, he stated had demonstrated her commitments to the establishment of democracy in Africa support the struggle for in South and Central Africa.


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