Kogi Governor Undergoes Surgery For “Fractured Bones In The Thigh”

Governor Idris Wada of Kogi State who was involved in a fatal motor crash last Friday in Lokoja has undergone successful thigh surgery at Cedar Crest Hospital, Garki in Abuja.

Wada, according to Medical Director of hospital, Dr Felix   Ogedegbe, was brought into hospital at about 8pm Friday night had sustained fractured bones in the thigh and after examination was recommended for immediate surgery by the hospital . The surgery which lasted several hours was proclaimed successful by the who said the governor was ‘hale, hearty, made and received calls this morning (Saturday)” when he woke up.

journalists at hospital’s premises in Abuja, Dr. Ogedegbe in company of Dr Tunde Olawoye as well governor’s Special Adviser, Media and Strategy, Mr. Jacob Edi, said became necessary so as to avoid distortion of facts as well as ‘give the truth and nothing but the truth as regards the governor’s condition.’

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Ogedegbe revealed that the governor was brought to the hospital at about 8pm Friday night after receiving prior medical at the Kogi Specialist Hospital, Lokoja.

He said after due examination, the governor was briefed on his condition before he was told of the need to immediately undergo surgery to fix the broken thigh.

“I can confirm to you that yesterday (Friday) evening at about 8 p.m, we received Governor Idris Wada into our . We received him here in a condition that was very stable. We were told he had involved in a car crash. He had already to another hospital before he was brought here. However, when he got here, we assessed him.

“There were no immediate life –  threatening injuries. He was found to have fracture in his thigh bone. That was assessed. A whole team did a comprehensive assessment on him and we decided to take him to theatre. He has had the bone that was broken fixed and he had a very good night sleep and he is quite fine now, having  woken up this morning and  had his meal and is doing very well. So as much as I can tell you, he is stable. He is not in a condition where his life is threatened at all. He is doing very well at the moment,” Dr Ogedegbe said.

On whether the governor would flown abroad for treatment, the CMD said there might no need for that as the hospital was fully equipped and had the capacity in terms of expertise to handle the governor’s condition. Said he: “We  explained his injury to him. We explained the fact that we have the capacity to treat him here as can done anywhere in the world. He immediately agreed to have treatment here. He isn’t that kind of person that will say I don’t what you can do, I want to be flown to anywhere else in the world. He gave his consent for treatment and that treatment was immediately done. It was done as fast as it was needed to be done. There is no immediate need for him to be flown anywhere. “He is stable. He is fine. His injuries have looked after to a standard that is up to what is available in any part of the world. He quite understands that and he was happy to accept the treatment. And he is quite happy  with the outcome of the treatment,” Dr ogedegbe said. Also, the governor’s media aide, Jacob Edi, said the governor had declined to be flown abroad but rather opted to be treated here in Nigeria. “The governor insisted that he believed in the medical situation in Nigeria. He would not love to be flown abroad and like the doctor said it is not a life threatening situation. So, let it be on record that the governor believes in what we have in Nigeria. Unlike some other influential Nigerians, Captain Wada insists that he wants to be treated in Nigeria,” Edi said. He also confirmed that the governor’s driver, Jubril Isah, who survived the accident with the governor is in a stable condition at the Kogi Specialist Hospital and is responding to treatment.

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