Vigilantes Bath Man With Acid For Alleged Theft Of Generator

By Gracia Obi

Vigilantes have allegedly bath man acid Zuba yesterday, following a complaint by a prostitute that the victim stole her generator set.
Musa Aliyu, aged 20, who hails from Kaduna narrated to Newsdiaryonline how the two vigilantes, Useni and Ezekiel allegedly poured the substance on him.
According to him, at his corner Zuba, vigilantes took him to their office at the same address to question him on the generator set.
am suffering for an offence did not commit”, he said.
An eye witness, whose name, Malam Yerima, went to Zuba station to alert them about the ugly incident.
A team of men arrested the vigilantes and took Aliyu to a nearest hospital Zuba for prompt medical attention.
Reacting to this, the Divisional Officer, Superintendent Officer, Femi Adelagan confirmed the incident and said the suspects are cooling their heel at the Station.

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