Use social media to unite Nigeriaians – APC group charges youths


The All Progressives Congress (APC) National Youth Advocates, a pressure group, has charged Nigerian youths to use the social media as a tool of unity among Nigerians, rather than a tool for disintegration of the country.

Mr Timothy Nwachukwu, National President, APC National Youth Advocates (APC-NYA) gave this charge while interacting with some members of the group at the Unity House, Area 11, Abuja on Sunday.

“The Social media have permeated all spheres of life in Nigeria, unfortunately, a great number of our people tend to believe whatever they read, watch or listen to on these platforms.

“Most Nigerians have become gullible to Information they receive through the social media as they do not care to ask questions about the source of such information nor able to critically analyse and evaluate them.

“Hence, they blindly consume the messages ‘hook, line and sinker’. This is evident in the recent happenings in the country, the heightened agitation for division of the country; Biafra in South East, the Oduduwa sovereign state in the West, the agitation of the Arewa youths in the North and the high level of youth restiveness in the Niger Delta,” Nwachukwu said.

Mr Mohammed Umaru, Deputy National President, APC-NYA blamed most recent crisis in the country on misused of social media.

“Most recent crisis in Nigeria can be attributed to unguarded post on the social media by individuals whose motive is to cause chaos, violence and even death which may lead to disintegration of the country,” Umaru said.

Mr Usman Shuaibu, National Welfare Secretary, APC-NYA, said that hate speeches on social media has become the order of the day.

“The use of hate speeches on the social media has being on increase in the country.

“It has been used by some disgruntled politicians as tools for verbally assaulting their opponents, defame the character of persons who do not share the same political ideology with them which has led to increased pre and post political violence and political thuggery,” he said. (NAN)