US congressional delegation pledges to help Khartoum resolve outstanding challenges


 A visiting Congressional delegation from the US has pledged their country’s support for the transition to democracy in Sudan and to help the country reintegrate into the international financial and monetary systems.

The delegation, headed by a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Christopher Cunz, is accompanied by Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland.

The delegation, which was behind a US$700 million package of assistance to Sudan, arrived to Khartoum on Monday and has held a series of meetings with cabinet, finance and presidency officials to see how the US administration can help Sudan during the transitional period.

It is also looking at how to help resolve outstanding border differences between Sudan and Ethiopia and end a rising tension between Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), which Sudan and Egypt fear could affect their shares of the Nile River.

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On Tuesday, the delegation called on the head of the Sudanese Transitional Sovereign Council, Gen. Abdel Fatah Al-Burhan, and discussed how to boost bilateral relations, the official Sudan News Agency (SUNA) reported.

It said Burhan briefed the US Senators on how Sudan wants to resolve differences with Ethiopia on the GERD through dialogue to reach a solution “acceptable to all parties” as well as border issues with Ethiopia.

The US delegation was also reassured that NGOs could provide  unrestricted assistance to over 70,000 Ethiopian refugees who crossed into eastern Sudan following the outbreak of civil strife in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.

SUNA said Gen. Burhan reassured the delegation that NGOs and humanitarian organizations have unobstructed access to the refugees camps to provide services and humanitarian assistance inside the camps of Ethiopian refugees.

The US delegation, on its part, affirmed the US’ support to the transitional period besides helping Sudan to reintegrate into regional and international communities.

Senator Kunz was behind most of the legislations that led to the removal of Sudan from the US list of states sponsors of international terrorism, as well as the initiative and motions that provide technical and financial assistance to the interim government in Sudan. (PANA/NAN)

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