US based filmmaker tasks Video Censors Board on regulation, censorship

 A U.S.-based filmmaker, Mr Sam Ojo, has tasked the Nigerian Film Video Censors Board (NFVCB) on enforcement of its laws by regulating and censoring movies coming in and out of the country.

The filmmaker, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), on Monday, said the NFVCB needed to be more proactive and perform its role optimally.

He said although the laws were available and robust but they were not being adequately enforced.

He added that it was germaine for the government to review any movie or video content before it reached the public.

“The board should weigh the pros and cons when deciding upon any particular film and ensure that their decisions do not give rise to unnecessary controversies and confrontations.

“It should assure that their pronouncements do not pave way for any arguments and conjectures.

“The board should realise that it is their duty to ensure a movie is viewable by the audience and so it is vested with the authority to monitor the impact that a movie can have on the masses,” he said.

Ojo, who was recently recognised with a recommendation letter by the Governor of Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt, also pleaded with the Nigerian government to set industrial movie standards.

“The government should create an enabling environment for the cast and crew; this covers security, finance, use of government facilities, collaborations, patronising the local filmmakers, insurance coverage for the films, retirement plans among others.

“These basics will need to be addressed. There should be industrial standards, with typical robust regulations. These regulations will bring some level of sanity to the system,” he said.

Ojo who would be premiering a movie called ‘Alejandro’ in two of the United State cinemas simultaneously on May 28, also pleaded with the government to continue to identify with entertainers.

“Entertainment goes hand-in-hand with the economy. There are a lot of Nigerian entertainers doing well locally and in the Diaspora,” he said.

While applauding most Nigerian actors, Ojo said he worked with some of them in the production of the Alejandro movie.

“Actors like Tina Mba, Nancy Isime and Afeez Oyetoro, featured in Alejandro and were so easy to work with,” he said.

He added that the movie was inspired by a true life event where a man’s random act of kindness becomes the answer to his most ardent question.

“The movie showcased the Nigerian culture to the world by telling a story pertinent to Africa in a way that different audiences will relate to,” he said. (NAN)