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UPF Nigeria Tasks Ambassadors for Peace on National Peace

Dr Raphael
Dr Raphael

The Secretary General of the Universal Peace Federation (Nigeria), Dr Raphael Ogar Oko has called on all Ambassadors for Peace in Nigeria to join the organization in the campaign for the realization of the Peace Vision 2020, which is to transform Nigeria to become a peacefully unified Nigeria by the year 2020 with a focus on family building programs. The call was made in a statement issued in Abuja during the
weekend urging Ambassadors for Peace to “resurrect the families to build a unified nation”. According to the statement, “The organization’s approach to unify the 36 states of Nigeria centering on
the Federal Capital Territory is to have each Ambassador for Peace take responsibility to serve and unite 36 families within their place of residence or work place or birth community and work with them to
become unified families who grow in love for each other and strive to live in peace”, Dr Oko said.

This call is part of the preparation for the 2017 United Nations International Day of Families which will be commemorated globally on May 15, 2017. The UPF Nigeria expects at least 120 Ambassadors for
Peace to bring the message of the UN International Day of Families to 36 families as part of activities to mark the 2017 International Day of Families. The UPF Nigeria will be hosting the 2017 Family
Leadership Assembly in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State to commemorate the UN International Day of Families and hopes to celebrate and recognize Ambassadors for Peace who fulfill the registration and education of 36 families in their areas and prepare them to participate in the marriage and family peace blessing programs of the UPF.
“If each Ambassador for Peace is able to reach out and bring 36 families together through the family peace blessing program, the UPF Nigeria will be able to bring together the citizens of Nigeria living
in the 36 states and the FCT and facilitate the emergence of a peacefully unified Nigeria by the year 2020. Just as the history of the formation of Nigeria dates back to 1900, meaning that Nigeria will
be 120 years old by year 2020, the commitment of only 120 Ambassadors for Peace to the task of serving 36 families each will be a sustainable condition to resurrect the families and reform Nigeria
into a peaceful nation”.

Accordingly, Dr. Oko said that “each Ambassador for Peace is hereby called upon to take responsibility to serve 36 families and ensure that the grandparents, parents and children of each family become
peacefully united and committed to the unification of Nigeria. If each Ambassador for Peace as well as other VIPs in Nigeria takes responsibility for 36 families, Nigeria will be transformed in less
than 36 months. This is the calling to serve our parent land with love and strength and faith and to ensure that the labor of the past heroes does not end in vain. Ambassadors for Peace should become the heroes of the present generation who will bring to realization the unfulfilled hopes of all Nigerians. This is a task that we must fulfill”.

The UPF Nigeria Secretary General has assured Nigerians that the nation shall fulfill the calling to become a “nation of peace” and that through the network of Ambassadors for Peace working together and serving 36 families each, Nigeria will be peaceful. Working with one Ambassador for Peace at a time, we are determined to reach all families in Nigeria and bring them together to become unified families
for the realization of a unified Nigeria nation.

As part of activities to mark the 2017 United Nations International Day of Families in Nigeria, the Universal Peace Federation is reaching out to and mobilizing 120 Ambassadors for Peace and volunteers to organize the Bring The Families Together campaign in 120 centers across Nigeria. The “Bring the Families Together” campaign is expected to be organized in communities and places of worship as well as in associations or social groups from April 21 to May 14, 2017.

The Bring the Families Together campaign will culminate in the Family Leadership Assembly that will bring together 120 Ambassadors for Peace couples from across Nigeria to Uyo for the closing ceremonies of the 2017 UN International Day of Families on May 15. The Assembly will deliberate on the role of family leaders in education and well being of family members for the realization of national peace and security. Each campaign program in a local community or worship place is expected to bring together at least 36 couples as participants. Each Ambassador for Peace is expected to reach out to at least 36 couples in their immediate community and organize them to participate in the family peace blessing festival in their chosen area.


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