Unite behind Jonathan-Anenih urges Southerners

Anenih-660x330In what appears like a renewed attempt to rally support for President Goodluck Jonathan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Tony Anenih, has urged states of southern Nigeria to unite behind the president in the governance of the nation.
The man famously known as Mr Fix it made the call in an address he delivered on Monday at the Southern Leaders’ Summit held at the Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort in Calabar.
According to Anenih, President Jonathan needed their support to face the challenges created by Boko Haram, the global economic recession and unrest, and to keep the country united.
Declaring that “the unity of this country is not negotiable,” Anenih said, “We must acknowledge the uncommon leadership the President has exhibited in the face of these challenges.”
The PDP BoT Chairman also said, “Unfortunately, some Nigerians do not see any good in the present administration,” adding “this perception should be killed.”
He expressed happiness at the summit, which was convened to articulate Southern Nigeria’s positions at the forthcoming National Conference, that the idea of a national conference had been widely accepted.
He also said that, “The response to the National Conference Committee was quite remarkable; so also is the widespread pre-National Conference Dialogue that is going on among various groups across the country.
“I commend President Goodluck Jonathan for his sagacity in giving Nigerians this golden platform to examine areas of concern about the Nigerian federation and find common solutions to those problems that have constituted a hindrance to our evolutionary journey to nationhood.
“I am convinced that the National Conference will strengthen the bonds of unity, the fabric of our federalism and the pillars of our nationhood. The unity of this great nation is not negotiable.”
He added, “It is gratifying that different groups—nationalities, civil society organisations, faith-based organisations and academic institutions—are crystallising their positions and preparing well-thought-out proposals for the National Conference.
“This Southern Leaders Summit is, surely, one of the pre-Conference Fora which, hopefully, will identify areas of common interest to the States of the South.”
Anenih, who used the occasion to lament the inability of the States of the South to operate on a common platform or to speak consistently with one voice, said the summit would provide a platform to identify common concerns.
According to him, “there is no doubt that there are many concerns which they share and need to identify at a platform such as this. Our Northern counterparts have been known to work together as a united front. We in the South must also forge unity and cooperation among ourselves.”
He noted that the participants at the Summit are men and women who have distinguished themselves in their various callings and in the services of this country. Moreover, he expressed confidence that the ideas and proposals which would emanate from the deliberations would not only be profound but also capable of lifting the country and helping it towards attaining its manifest destiny.
His admonition: “We must see this National Conference, not as a platform to shout at one another but rather as another opportunity to make our country a better place to live in.
“We must concern ourselves with proffering ideas that will bring improvements to every aspect and sector of our national life. Our aim must be to facilitate the emergence of a new Nigeria which, in the days, months and years after the National Conference, will be far better and more united than ever before”Anenih said.
The meeting was attended by some governors from states in the south;former Vice President Alex Ekwueme,Chief Olu Falae,some Yoruba leaders,southern traditional leaders,religious leaders and civil society groups among others.

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