UNGA: Argentina seeks FG’s support for White Helmets Resolution adoption

By Chimezie Godfrey

The government of has sought the support of the federal government in endorsing the White Helmets Resolution at the forthcoming UN General Assembly.

The Ambassador of the Republic of to Nigeria H.E. Mr. Alenjandro Herrero this known on Tuesday September 21 while leading a delegation on a courtesy visit to the Hon Minister Umar Farouq in Abuja.

The Ambassador stated in his remarks that the  Government of is seeking the support of countries to help expand and localize the White Helmet initiative in Nigeria.

“The reason why we are here is to ask for the support of thel federal government of Nigeria to support a resolution that will be adopted at the UM General Assembly at the end of this year regarding the White Helmets’ Operation around the world.

“The White Helmets are part of our ministry of foreign Affairs. They participate in Relief and Humanitarian activities around the world and every  three years, the continuity of the mechanism is being voted at the General Assembly. We the support of the Nigerian government as the next adoption comes up between  Novembern and December this year.

Responding, the Humanitarian Affairs Minister, Farouq said that the core objectives of the White Helmets aligned with the mandate of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs , Disaster Management and Social Development.

She commended the Argentine government for their humanitarian activities and pledged support to the White Helmets initiative.

“I strongly believe that the work of the White Helmets can be implemented through the National Humanitarian Development Peace NHDP to support Nigeria’s strategy and response to humanitarian crises and socio-natural disasters, with a specific focus on rehabilitation, reconstruction and development interventions; and promoting disaster risk prevention and management.

“Your Excellency, the Ministry supports the use of skills and expertise of volunteers for humanitarian and development activities in a coordinated and coherent manner through existing national structures. Hence, we will work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in line with the vision and priorities of Federal Government of Nigeria, to extend our support for the adoption of the Resolution on “White Helmets” at the United Nations.  

“The Ministry will also work with you to localize the White Helmet initiative in Nigeria,” said.  

Farouq also reiterated the ministry’s commitment to work and collaborate with international partners in providing humanitarian and socio-economic interventions to significantly the livelihood of the vulnerable in Nigeria.

The Government of  established an international civilian body to coordinate its participation in international response to humanitarian emergencies in 1994, which is now known as the White Helmet Commission.

The is responsible for the designing and implementation of humanitarian assistance, relying on the expertise of volunteers from various disciplines and specialities.