Uneasy calm in riot-hit northeast after death toll reaches 32

An uneasy calm prevailed on Thursday in pockets of the Indian capital’s north-east after violent riots over a new law that fast-tracks Indian nationality for certain people, but not Muslims.

A total of 32 people have died, according to spokesmen from two state-run hospitals.

The increased death toll is due to those critically hurt during the violence that was sparked Sunday and peaked on Tuesday have been succumbing to their injuries.

Their injuries were due to assaults with rods, bricks, stabbings and gunshots, Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital superintendent Sunil Kumar Gautam said.

Some of the injured are still in critical condition.

Around 200 people were admitted to the hospitals on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Confrontations between supporters and opponents of the controversial new citizenship law soon degenerated into violent attacks and arson by sparring Hindu and Muslim communities in pockets of north-east Delhi.

Police and paramilitary forces were carrying out flag marches in the area and sanitation workers were cleaning up brick-strewn roads and removing debris of burned vehicles.

Delhi Police joint commissioner OP Mishra said the situation was under control.

Top police and administration officials had visited the area and local people were helping to clean up the streets.

“We assured the people there is nothing to fear and shops can open.

“We asked them not to assemble in groups, especially the youth,’’ Mishra said.

Police said around 100 people had been detained so far in connection with the violence. (dpa/NAN)

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