UN General Assembly to meet Wednesday on Ukraine crisis


The United Nations General Assembly is set to meet Wednesday in a bid to agree on a fresh resolution on Russia’s war against Ukraine.

A draft resolution regarding the humanitarian consequences of Russia’s war in Ukraine is expected to be widely approved in the largest UN body with 193 members.

It is likely but not entirely certain, that a vote could also take place at the meeting, diplomats said.

According to diplomats, the aim is to achieve at least 141 yes votes, as was the case with an earlier resolution condemning Russia’s war which was adopted by the General Assembly early this month.

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The first draft demands among other things an immediate cessation of hostilities by Russia against Ukraine, in particular all attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure.

It also calls on Moscow to withdraw its armed forces from Ukraine immediately.

There is also a competing draft resolution from South Africa that makes no mention of Russia’s aggression.

It is unclear whether this text will also be put to a vote. (dpa/NAN)

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