Umaru Shinkafi Praises Innovation, Modernization in SSS

Shinkafi,HorsfallFormer Director General of the NSO (now State Security Service,SSS) and former Presidential Aspirant, Alhaji Umaru Ali Shinkafi has hailed the introduction of positive innovation and modernization in current doctrines of security intelligence training and operations by the State Security Servive ,SSS. Shinkafi spoke as a special guest at the passing out parade of SSS Cadets at the SSS Academy in Lagos.
Shinkafi who is also the Marafan Sokoto also commended the DG SSS, Mr Ita Ekpeyong Ita for his fresh approach to training and security intelligence work and called for continued government support in the noble endeavour of public through the work of the security intelligence organizations.
Research and development by patriotic non-partisan professionals should be fundamental to the curriculum of training, Alhaji Shinkafi stated, urging the cadets to apply the skills they have acquired at the Academy to their functions when they leave.
They must, in the spirit of innovation and modernizations endeavour, in their work of protecting the state, pay as much to the enemy within as much as the one without. further cautioned and observed that through the security intelligence organization has somewhat dwelled rather disproportionately on pursuit of extraneous security threats.
Ironically, more recently, the former DG SSS noted modern democratic governments in our country tend to generate internal dissention which has implications on internal security and which therefore ought to be monitored even if for internal departmental assessments and in this connection Alhaji Shinkafi recalled the recent bold exposition by late Gen. Andrew Azazi on how a powerful ruling parties could pose security threats to a nation.
What Gen. Azazi said of the political situation in the current Republic was true of the 1, 2nd and 3 Republic, asserted and strongly recommended that late General Azazi’s daring exposition at 2nd -South Summit at Asaba on 26th April, 2012 should now be researched against the background of the tension between NPC and a section of the powerful traditional authority in the North; the NCNC crisis in the East and the more chronicled and tragic AG crisis in the West all during the 1 Republic, the NPN – NPP rapture and consequences during the 2nd Republic, and the endless intra feuding in the PDP in this Republic. These can be developed into what the profession may designate as The Azazi Doctrine and be integrated into not only the curriculum of the Academy but also in the strategy of operations.
The Marafa concluded with appreciation of the support the government is giving the security intelligence Services and the good use the service is making of that support through the current DGSS Ita Ekpeyong Ita.

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