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Ukrainian ambassador demands “Airlift 2.0” from Berlin

Germany needs to provide aid to war-torn Ukraine, the country’s ambassador to Germany said as he made an urgent plea for help before the Berlin House of Representatives.

“We need a supply corridor to Ukraine to provide people with medicine and food,’’ Andriy Melnyk told the state parliament on Thursday.

“We need a Berlin Airlift 2.0 only this time by land.’’

The diplomat was referring to the Western Allies’ aid to Berlin after World War II.

“We all learned in our history books how brave this city was, back when the Soviets had imposed a blockade,’’ the Ukrainian ambassador recalled of 1948-49.

“Today, many Ukrainians feel the same way as the Germans did back then.

“And we ask you to do everything possible to strengthen Ukraine’s defence capabilities,’’ he said.

“We must not be abandoned, we are there; we are fighting for our lives and for our children.

“But we are also fighting for you, we are also fighting for your freedom,’’ Melnyk said to the applause from the members of the Berlin parliament. (dpa/NAN)

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