Udom preaches love, unity, togetherness at Easter

Gov. Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom urged Christians and Nigerians to emulate the love of Jesus Christ and live in unity with one another irrespective of their religious or political differences.

Emmanuel gave counsel in his Easter broadcast message to Akwa Ibom on Sunday in Uyo.

He reminded Christians that Christianity would have been meaningless without the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Emmanuel said that the miraculous resurrection which certified Christ’s supernatural place as the son of God, gives hopes to all who follow his examples that they would last reap the reward of eternal life.

Emmanuel enjoined Christians and Nigerians to learn to live and love one another as Christ did while on Earth.

He urged Akwa Ibom residents to emulate Jesus Christ by showing love toward one another, burying their differences and staying together in love.

“Let me also remind our that the essence of Easter would be lost except we let the resurrection of Christ illuminate the dark crevice of our souls and let His light shine through us in love and sacrifice to our neighbours.

“I urge all Akwa Ibom to adhere to simple directive from the Commander of our Divine Mandate and our Saviour, the resurrected Jesus Christ.

“Let the fishermen in the ocean fronts of Mbo, Okobo, Eastern Obolo and Ibeno love one another.

“Let the farmers in the rice plantations Ini, Ikono, Ika, Onna and Nsit Ibom love one another. Let the civil servants and public servants, politicians in all political parties, members of all denominations, preachers of all faiths, love one another.

“When we let love drive our every action and thought, when we let it drip from our lips and from our hands, then shall the joy of Easter be complete, and our shall surely attain the lofty height set for it by our ancestors when they named it ‘Akwa Abasi Ibom State”, Emmanuel said.

The said his administration would continue to derive its inspiration from the leadership of Jesus Christ by embarking on -oriented policies and programmes.

“We have relied on the leadership of Jesus Christ in our administration and we attribute all our successes to Him. He been the head of all our meetings, all our plans and all our policies.

“By His grace we have achieved a lot and we slowing down because whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world,” he said.

Emmanuel reminded Akwa Ibom residents to continue to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols to reduce the spread of the virus.

He urged the residents of the to accept the AstraZeneca vaccine as it had been proven to be safe and effective to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

“As you may have seen or followed on the media channels, we have started the process of administering the AstraZeneca vaccine on our people.

“Let me use also to dispel the misleading and false notions about the vaccine.

vaccine is safe and the so far released testify to claim. Please make yourself available to take the vaccine whenever it gets to your locality,” Emmanuel said. (NAN)