U.S Selects Oak TV for 2017 Media Co-op

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The U.S Department of State has selected a leading Nigerian online television outlet, Oak TV, for a Foreign Press Center Media Co-op programme.

The U.S. programme allows foreign media organizations to travel to the U.S. for about two weeks to pursue a particular story, learn more about the American culture and the U.S. system of government, in addition to drawing lessons that would enhance good governance, social inclusion, or economic prosperity in their own countries. Upon return to their home country, the media organizations are expected to widely share their stories and the lesson learned from their U.S. visit.

Oak TV’s plan is to examine the US federal budget process, including the role of legislative branch, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the respective cabinet departments.

Oak TV will report from the United States, travel to Washington DC, Chicago and Wisconsin to interview policymakers, activists and academics, as well as  everyday citizens who will help tell the story of how the United States develops a budget to meet the needs of its citizenry. While Oak TV is in Washington, DC, the crew will enjoy a Day on the Hill which will involve observing congressional hearings and interacting with legislators and their staff.

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