U.S. coronavirus cases top 2 million, Johns Hopkins tally shows

Reported cases the novel in the U.S. have topped two million, according to a tally by John Hopkins University, late on Wednesday.

The U.S. leads the world by far in cases, trailed by Brazil, and Britain, each which have recorded fewer than one million confirmed cases.

The development comes amid concerns a wave infections, as the U.S. reopens its economy and anti-racism protests continue, with participants in close contact.

According to John Hopkins, at least 19 states saw an upward trend in their reported case totals over the past three days, with the most severe swings coming in Michigan, South Carolina, Arizona and Arkansas.

President Donald Trump has pushed a quick economic reopening, often bucking from his public health advisers.

He is restarting his massive campaign rallies next week ahead of the presidential later this year.

Over 112,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus outbreak, according to the tracker. (dpa/NAN)