U.S.-based Nigerians urge Buhari to set targets, timelines for new service chiefs


 Nigerians in the United States (U.S.) say they want President Muhammadu Buhari to set performance targets and timelines for the new service chiefs.

Speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday, a cross-section of them suggested that any one that missed their target within a specific period should be fired immediately.

“Nigerians’ lives matter; so when you entrust people with their security, you set goals and timelines for them,” said Ms Patience Key, a Nigerian community leader.








“If possible, put them under probation for a specific period of time and let them know they would be immediately sacked if they failed to perform.

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“You will see proactiveness; you will see people eager to perform to protect their jobs,” she said.

Dr Ifem Orji, a professor of law at the City University of New York, spoke in similar vein, describing the military leadership change as long overdue.








“It is a welcome development given the widespread insecurity in the land and the protracted Boko Haram insurgency that worsened under the immediate past chiefs.

“We need fresh blood and ideas in the war on terrorism, and it is my hope and prayers that the new military heads will make a difference,” Orji said.

However, the respondents were quick to note that more needed to be done beyond a change in leadership or personnel to win the war.








They called on the Federal Government to provide the military and security agencies with adequate funding and sophisticated equipment, in addition to enhanced welfare packages for the troops.

On calls by some Nigerians for a probe of the immediate-past service chiefs, opinions were divided among the respondents.






While some supported the idea, others kicked against it on the ground that it would place extra financial burdens on the country. (NAN)

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