Turkey: 107 suspected Gulen supporters brought home since coup attempt

A total of 107 suspected supporters of U.S.-based Islamic cleric, Fethullah Gulen, have been brought to Turkey, Justice Minister, Abdulhamit Gul, said on Wednesday, noting that more than 32 months after a failed coup, Ankara blames the cleric.

“Extradition requests were sent to 91 countries for 504 people,” Gul said, adding that the government is following up on the remaining requests.

Ankara says Gulen orchestrated the 2016 coup attempt and considers his movement to be a terrorist organisation.

Once an ally of Turkish President Recep Erdogan, but Gulen denies the allegations.

Gul said seven people, including Gulen, were being sought via extradition from the U.S.

Turkey has long demanded the extradition of Gulen, who lives in Pennsylvania.

Washington has so far said that Ankara has not presented sufficient evidence against him.

Since the abortive putsch, Turkey has been issuing arrest warrants for suspected supporters of Gulen abroad, in addition to thousands detained at home.

Turkish nationals have been captured and brought back home from Ukraine, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Gabon, Pakistan and Afghanistan. (dpa/NAN)