Tukur:G7 Govs are Dictatorial, ‘I am Out to Restore PDP’

bamanga_tukur_By Ibrahim Abdul’Aziz/Yola

The National Chairman of the ruling People’s Democratic Party () Alhaji Bamanga Tukur,has declared that he is not going to rest until he restored the lost glory of where equity and democratic norms will be the order of the day.

Tukur who dropped the hint in Yola on Wednesday,while fielding questions from newsmen averred that that he is ready to sacrifice any individual interest for the overall interest of , and the unity of the country at large, stressing that he will apologize if he is wanting of any wrong doing in process of bringing sanity and everlasting peace to .

He further noted that true reconciliation can only be attained in the PDP family on condition that the aggrieved party members shunned their individual interest and instead have genuine minds to work for the progress of the party.Tukur alleged that,’’ some people are averse to this reformation agenda because they don’t want change.’’

He was quick to that some people are up in arms against his leadership style because they are averse to the change of orientation which he determined to institute in the party

“ It’s natural for people that are benefiting from a system which favours them so much at the detriment of others (not) to accept change without acrimony.

” Those that are crying wolf over our reforming agenda do not want change as they are averse to positive reform being rooted. Honestly people should ask the seven aggrieved governors when last they conducted stakeholders meeting of the party in their respective states.
Their leadership style is of dictatorial one because they have personified PDP as their private property”

He said that his concern about the drift of the party was responsible for his desire to reform the party which some people are resisting” as founding of the PDP, I became worried about the drift in the party for the last 14years as a founding I am trying to restore
the dignity of the party which has been my only undoing and I will not relent in my effort till I accomplish the goal”

According to Tukur ,’’ the era of imposition, dictatorship, favouritism that characterized PDP before we came on board is over.’’

Governor Murtala Nyako had earlier vowed that, ‘’The people of Adamawa State will not allow someone to determine their political future.‘’Because people of the state are tired of the reign of impunity currently in voge in the state where some few people god in the political process and which they manipulate at will.
“The era when few Abuja People decide the destiny of who becomes what during election is over. We have vowed never to submit to the whims of ‘Ogoro consumers’ who think they can manipulate the process at all time.”

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