Tukur Leads PDP Team as Party Hails Jonathan Over Flood Disaster Reliefs

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By Ewache Ajefu/Editor

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has commended  President Goodluck Jonathan  for the firm and reassuring steps the Federal Government has taken to mitigate the impact of flooding across the states of the federation and forestall further threat to the nation.The Party has also called on relevant government agencies and entire Nigerians to brace up for the challenge of food shortages which the impact of the flooding may likely occasion.

“Flood disasters are a global phenomenon but our peculiar challenges of development demand deeper insight and capacity which the President has demonstrated. We therefore commend him for the medium and long term measures being put in place to first ameliorate the suffering of the affected Nigerian communities as well as for the steps already being taken to permanently put under check, the incidence of flooding in future.”

” We note that the Presidential Technical Committee set up by the President urgently rounded off its interim impact assessment of the flood ravaged states upon which government energized its agencies to offer immediate relief.  We note also that the President has been in synergy with the Leadership of the National Assembly and Governors of the affected States in confronting this menace. We particularly commend the President for releasing the sum of 17.6 billion Naira and for setting up National Committee on Flood Relief and Rehabilitation to further assist it in raising fund for the ‘post impact rehabilitation of the affected victims’.

The Party also called on the members of the committee to justify the confidence reposed in them by the government.

Rising from its National Working Committee (NWC) meeting yesterday, the PDP expressed sympathy for the flood victims and announced additional plans to complement the efforts of the Federal Government in bringing relief to the flooded communities, while commending individuals, groups, corporate bodies and the  international community for the rescue and care they offered to the flood victims.

The National Chairman of the Party, Dr. Bamanga Turkur will lead the team of  party leaders to the affected states to share in the pains of fellow Nigerians besides offering additional assistance to them to complement the efforts of the federal government towards surmounting this challenge.”

PDP further urged the federal, state and local governments as well as farmers to take measures to avert imminent food shortages on account of floods.

The NWC intend to liaise as matter of overriding importance with all the relevant agencies of government to work out plans to forestall possible food shortages arising from this. Food security is cardinal to our manifesto.”

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