Tributes as PDP stalwart laid to rest

Family members, neighbours and politicians on Friday glowing tributes to late Dr Adegbola Dominic, who was Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Lagos chairman until his death.

Dominic, the owner of Santa Maria Hospital, Lagos, died on Aug. 25. was laid to rest at his residence in Igando after a funeral service at St. John Catholic Church, Igando.

Mrs Deborah Dominic, the widow, said that her late husband would never be forgotten for his acts of kindness, philanthropy and love people.

“At times, we had a lot of issues with him in billings. We didn’t  like him consulting, because didn’t  care about how much we bought drugs, as gave bills at very low rates free.

“When I gave the bills and the patients took it to him, would slash it, not minding the cost of what the nurses and doctors had put in.

didn’ care about the money, but life first,” she said.

The widow said that the family had resolved to continue with the legacy of the late politician.

Similarly, Dr Funmi Olaoye, the first daughter of late Dominic, said that her father would be remembered for his honesty, large heart and uprightness.

was a goal getter and a very hard-working man who always loved to help the people, especially the poor.

“We are aware that had made a lot of impacts in his community, home and abroad, and people keep talking about him.

“We believe lived a great life and a fulfilled life as a politician, doctor, philanthropist, helper and lover of people.

“People should learn from him that one can still be upright and be in politics..One can be honest and still be a politician,” Olaoye said.

Also, a neighbour to late Dominic, Mr Davies Fagbola, described the late doctor as a philanthropist.

recalled that when people on the street went for treatment, he either treated them free reduced the bill.

Mr Abdul-Azeez Akinsanya, a former PDP House of Representatives candidate in Alimosho, described the late Dominic as a honest and upright bridge builder who was  interested only in the welfare of the people.

In the same light, PDP Spokesman State, Mr Taofik Gani, said that the late party chieftain would be remembered for so many godly roles he played in the lives of many.

Gani said: “It must be mentioned that Dominic was perhaps one of the few who joined politics to partake selflessly.

“He turned his private practice into public service, treating many patients free of charge. He put a lot on monthly salaries, and as chairman of PDP,  Dominic was not of a desperate tendency.

“He got poorer in wealth because he had to sell personal property to fund the party; some persons would rather steal from the party.

“Dr Dominic will remain immortalized in many homes.” (NAN)