Treachery Of Sambo Dasuki (NSA) By Usman Isa

sambo_dasukiPolitics is not my passion. All my life, especially after good education, development of my career has always consumed my thinking. However, together with my family I have exercised my civic  duty in every election. This responsibility conscientiously demands personal concern for economic and social security as they affect my existence and that of my community, state,Sokoto and country generally.

I am now forced to react literally against a dangerous trend unfolding in my state noted for peace and respect to law. This seeming inferno being stoked by some ambitious and persons of Sokoto origin that are rooted in selfish vendetta bodes enormous evil in every material perspective.

The article posted on Newsdiaryonline recently by one Yusuf Goronyo is a replication of current desperate efforts by some disgruntled elements to ignite animosity of unusual magnitude in Sokoto political terrain. Unfortunate, evidentially our much revered traditional institution is gradually being dragged into the murky waters of dirty politics, an agenda that is the secret plots of some politicians. The ambition of Sambo Dasuki to be installed Sultan by those he is working for is crystallizing to the level of intimidation, blackmail, and ready tools to destabilize the state if things go contrary to their expectations.

Speaker of the House of Representatives with his members were subjected to global embarrassment by security operatives under the watch, and perhaps on covert instructions of the National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki. Many local and international observers condemned the act as outrageous and anti-democracy. The Speaker as number 4 citizen of this great country to face that humiliation demonstrates a country drifting to anarchy. He had previously been subjected to that unnecessary shabby treatment by security operatives in Kaduna. No amount of apology from the NSA could assuage a deliberate act the motive of which is yet to be explained to the public.

Therefore, that Governor Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko  added voice to condemn lawlessness could in no way elicit odious text message from the NSA. Denial of sending such message does not hold water as it is retrievable from the network provider. The fundamental question is why the NSA picked on his home state governor’s angle to unleash a threat, but did not do so to other patriots that saw  the act as disgusting. It shows some clandestine motive.

Nothing is hidden in Nigeria especially when it involves men of integrity, like Aminu Waziri Tambuwal. It is been divulged that the animosity between the NSA and Speaker Aminu Waziri Tambuwal  heightened when the latter refused overtures that Tambuwal run for governor of Sokoto State under PDP to neutralise the overbearing influence of Governor Aliyu M. Wamakko in Sokoto State. As a citizen of this country, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal enjoys right to association and political choice.

The progressive nature and sense of patriotism in him dictates free choice of a credible platform to truly serve the masses wallowing in abject poverty in a country bestowed with enormous natural and vibrant human resources. Sambo Dasuki is seen by keen observers of Sokoto politics to be acting the scripts of his boss, Goodluck Jonathan and the former governor of the state, Alhaji Attahiru Bafarawa. From every indication the cat is already on the loose, and Sokoto electorate cannot be hoodwinked into such treachery.

One Yusuf Goronyo who wrote the article repeated it severally about the security task before the NSA. Skeptics are becoming weary that since his assumption of office  the situation only deteriorates with frightening alarm where innocent souls waste away on regular basis by insurgency that defies Nigerian security operatives. It is the responsibility of government to protect life and property, but the country continues to slide into anarchy. Sambo Dasuki should reflect on the carnage afflicting his region. He should also evaluate the enormous destruction the insurgency wrecks on the region’s economy. Certainly, the north as a whole must be dissatisfied with his performance against the plague ravaging the existence of the north. He cannot continue to work to protect a government that is aloof to the pains of the citizens of this country. That renegade character is not Sokoto that believes in justice and equity.      As a matter of honour, sambo Dasuki should busy himself with finding solutions and measures to end the insurgency ravaging the North, instead of dissipating his energy in fighting distinguished Sons of Sokoto. These gentlemen ,as acknowledged by the writer, one Yusuf Goronyo are patriots and our true representatives. They wield enormous respect and influence in sokoto. No amount of propaganda can smear them. The NSA may not know this because he is detached from sokoto people. This explained why so many people did not know him until he landed the plump job. Politics in Sokoto  (is) about prevailing realities and not mere conjecture.  Coming home to connect and live with the people would help the NSA a great deal.

Umaru Isa Gada
Gada LocalGovernment