Traditional Rulers Rue Political Tension,Seek Constitutional Recognition

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sultan_of_sokoto SaadBy Abdoulaye Kay

The National Council of Traditional Rulers in Nigeria (NCTRN) rose from its 6th General Assembly which held in Sokoto with a call for the institution to be entrenched in the constitution.

In a Communique signed and issued by Dr. Yahaya Abubakar, Etsu Nupe, who is also the Chairman of the Coordinating Committee, NCTRN also requested for allocation of funds for its operations.

“Considering the historical disposition and status of traditional rulers (being the custodians and sustainers of the cultural and traditional values of our peoples), the council reiterates the need to entrench the recognition of traditional institution in the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.

“The Council resolved and requested for first line charge in the allocation of funds to the Council to enhance its operations and actualisation of its natural mandate,” the Communique read in parts.

NCTRN noted with concern, the increased political tension in the country, which has resulted from “intolerance, distrust, deteriorating state of trust among the political elite and parties.”

While decrying the continued spate of security challenges in the country, the council called “for increased number in the deployment of security personnel to security challenged areas, instead of some personnel being deployed to private homes.”

On non functionality of educational curriculum in Nigeria that has given rise to high rate of unemployment, poverty and security challenges, NCTRN “canvassed for the establishment of vocational schools to teach young applicants basic ways of earning a living than the present approach, which places more emphasis on paper certificate without corresponding quality for self reliance.”

The council called for seamless synergy between the Traditional Rulers, security agencies and government at all levels to fashion a framework for collaboration on all issues related to security, grassroots mobilisation, advocacy and development with the objective to ensuring stability at all times.

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