Today’s Blasts A Big Surprise-ACF

Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF  has described today’s blasts a big surprise.The forum also condemned the attacks.In a press statement signed by the group’s National Publicity Secretary, Anthony Sani, ACF said   “the reported bombings of some churches and other places in Kaduna and Zaria towns which have resulted in loss of many lives and property came to Arewa Consultative Forum as a surprise.

“A big surprise because this is coming in the wake of an offer of constructive engagement or dialogue by the Federal Government at the instance of well meaning Nigerians, including elders of North East geopolitical zone which held a meeting in Bauchi last week.

“It is still the position of ACF that whatever may be the perceived grievances, it cannot be the justification for taking the lives of innocent people who are totally unaware of the nature of the grouse.

“More so that there is no religion which allows its adherents to kill innocent fellow human beings. In fact, all religions preach peace and love of neighbor.

“Therefore, ACF would not be tired of repeated calls on those who kill themselves and other people to stop such killings and embrace the offer of dialogue by government as the only way of addressing any perceived grievances, however deep and wide, towards sustaining peace and national security.

“The Forum also wishes to appeal to people not to take laws into their hands by way of reprisal attacks, precisely because any such reprisals would be misdirected at yet another set of innocent Nigerians who may have no links with the bombers.

“And to those who have lost loved ones and property, the heart of ACF goes to them in this difficult times with prayers for God to provide them with fortitude to endure the losses as well as make it possible for replacement of the lost properties many folds.”


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