Tobacco smoking major cause of lung cancer – WHO

By Matthew Abi

As the world marks the “No Tobacco Day”, the World Health Organization, (WHO) has disclosed that over 75 percent of lung diseases are traceable to excessive tobacco smoking. 

WHO Nigeria Officer in Charge, Dr.  Clement Peter who read out a message of the WHO Regional Director, Dr. Matshidiso Moeti at an event in Abuja yesterday, noted that part of the campaign is to ensure at least, 24 hours abstinence from all forms of tobacco. 

Emphasising thatbsmoking is the primary cause of lung cancer, he added that smoking also causes chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. 

“In 2018, a total of 39, 353 new cases of lung cancer were diagnosed in Africa and 37, 748 deaths recorded. 

“Tobacco smoking is dangerous – it contains more than 7000 chemicals, 69 of which are known to cause cancer. 

“There is good news though, people who quit smoking reduce their risk of lung cancer by 50 percent after only 10 years,” he said. 

Dr. Moeti further called on member states to respond to the tobacco epidemic by fully implementing the provisions of the WHO’s “Framework Convention on Tobacco Control”.

While urging the Federal government to adopt and enforce tobacco-control policies to help reduce it’s demand, he called on parents to protect the health of their wards by avoiding the games caused by tobacco intake. 

“Children are at great risk. Young children exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke can develop pneumonia, bronchitis and lower respiratory infections,” he added.