Tinubu Mourns the Exit of Ace Photographer, Obe

Peter Obe, Nigeria's most famous photographer, sits in his studio. Obe photographed the queens visit to Nigeria in the 1950s and the Biafran war.Former of Lagos State and leader of newly formed All Progressives Congress, APC said even though Peter Obe died at ripe age of 81, his loss was still a sad one. According to former , Peter Obe represented an uncommon brilliance in his profession and gave photography an enviable name.

”Peter Obe will never be forgotten. He was a photographer of excellence. He displayed rare commitment to his job. At a time when many saw being a photographer as a mere pastime or a job non-starters, Obe took his job seriously and carved
himself a niche in profession.

“Through numerous of his works, many came to realize that pictures are stories. Pictures tell stories. He was not just a photographer, he told stories through pictures he took. He navigated rough terrains and faced dangers in order to bring to us all the full and true pictures of developments whether good or bad”.

Tinubu said Obe will be sorely missed but his works will the test of time. The former urged the new generation of photojournalists to develop their minds beyond mere clicks and flashes and enrich the work they do. He added that they must act responsibly and be see their profession as a call to duty.

“Peter Obe took photojournalism to a height hitherto unknown in our clime. I hope the room he left advancement shall be filled by others in this noble profession,” Tinubu said.

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