Time to reflect on our security chiefs and situation in Nigeria, By Danjuma Katsina

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Last week I was at Faskari headquarter of Operation Sahel Sanity  of the Nigerian Army, also at Wagini batsari Local Government where special forces were deployed and two more army camps all in Katsina state.. I can testify that our gallant solders  are trying and they, are also suffering, living between life and death. I have seen where they live, so inhuman, while most  of us are living comfortably in our homes.

The question is,  what went wrong? Experts on security matters or keen followers of events and happenings that border on security will observe with disappointment how life has lost its value in this country. Casualties  in recent time include both civilians and  security agents. This has become very disturbing to everyone. And especially disheartening is the gross human right abuse like the killing of unarmed civilians by the military in areas where they carry out special operations. The question is: where did we get it wrong? Why is the situation always going from bad to worse?  Are  leadership of  our Military and other  security agents united in tackling insecurity in the country? (And also the question of leadership patriotism). These are the issues journalists and our national dailies should investigate for those at the helm of affairs including the President to  know 

Secondly, I will cite an American film titled  Law abiding  citizen (2009) … where the security agents failed to bring down a notorious criminal, so the  Marshall  summoned the heads of various security departments and told them to look inwards whether they were being haunted by an injustice they did somewhere and whether they where pursuing other interests beside the national interest. He asked them to seek divine forgiveness and renew their path of service to the national, and when they did that they were able to surmount their security challenge within a short time.

Thirdly, three years ago, the Nigeria Army killed many civilians in Zaria among whom were women and children, even babies, which was also proven by the report of the commission of inquiry set up by Kaduna State government. Up till this moment, justice has not been done in this matter. Is the blood of these little children not haunting the Nigerian military? Insecurity will not be deteriorating in Nigeria this way except there is an underlying cause.. So, what is this cause?
Danjuma Katsina.. write from Katsina

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