The plight of Nigerians on May Day :A Brief Outline By Shehu Sani

1- The Nigerian workers and the Non working people of Nigeria have been betrayed by the
Goodluck Jonathan administration.
2- The economic focus of the administration is not aimed at transforming the lives of Nigerian working class and non working people but aimed at appeasing entrenched interest and Foreign interest.
3- Nigeria has today sank deep into the abyss of poverty,pervasive insecurity and corruption
and Nigerian workers and non working masses today bear the brunt.
4-The transformation agenda of the Federal Government has no human face.
5- The 18 thousand Naira minimum wage is a mirage and a packaged deception of the GEJ
6- President Goodluck Jonathan economic team is an unwieldy group of henchmen,leeches and supporters of the Government with more to do with politics than economics.
7- President Goodluck Jonathan will achieve nothing in the economic sphere as long as he remains shy of tackling corrupt persons and pleasing to entrenched interest.

Shehu sani
Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria

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