The Issue with mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination, By Chinedum Anayo

The Courts should have the final say on whether the mandates to be vaccinated are legal.

The matter with health is both sided, there are public health measures and then there are personal health measures which should remain a matter of choice and not a mandate.

The whole essence of democracy is Freedom for all, health is a complex phenomenon which comprises of determinants, ranging from to religion and other personal perspectives.

Individual choices and decisions influenced by certain factors in addition to the regard.
The issue with the vaccination mandates is breeding quandary in citizens and persons of states and sections around the globe.

Humans are naturally curious and inquisitive especially when it relates to compulsory duties and obligations that are imposed as a result of an unfortunate occurrence without proper explanations. People have the right to say they don’t believe in the vaccine or that the vaccine would conflict with their religious views.

The vaccination is a breach of the right to personal opinion and belief and profoundly religious freedom.

Arguably, the vaccines have proven safe but proof is not enough when it comes to personal tenets. Citizens are asking, why aren’t there mandates for HIV treatments, Diabetes treatments and even Cancer treatments these are all public health crises.

The COVID-19 vaccines should be made optional to protect the sacred institution called democracy and not encourage authoritarianism.

In due time would pass this stage, but let’s not look back at this as a moment that caused a wobble in what the world established as Freedom.

understand that this pandemic cost the world a lot, but can still maintain our cordiality and respect each other. The religious rights of people in a free society should be justified over public safety.

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