The Fearful Era That Is Coming as a New Day Unfolds in Nigeria By Dr. Raphael Ogar Oko

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We are living in the most fearful era in Nigeria’s history and yet the era with the greatest opportunity for all Nigerians. Nigeria is at a turning point, with the options to descend into the valley of darkness or to the great top of the mountain. We are now at the noon period of our nation where the sun casts no shadow again. Unfortunately, many of our people and political leaders are not aware that a new day is here. After 12 years of democracy in Nigeria, we should realize that a new era has begun, whether we see it now or not. The hour of 12 midnight begins a new day as 12 noon begins a new segment of the day and the 12th month ends to begin a new year. Democracy in Nigeria is at 12 already and by the end of 2012, Nigeria cannot remain the same.

In particular, December 12, 2012 will be 12:12:12 and on this day, the 21st anniversary of the movement of the nation’s capital from Lagos to Abuja shall be commemorated. This will be a significant day in our nation’s history. A new tidal wave of change will sweep across the country from this day. It is the hope that the 3 tiers of government should be in their 4th tenure of civil rule in this year. Unfortunately, many states have murdered the Local Government Areas with no scheduled duration or tenures for elected leaders.

Many may be shocked to learn that most of the present and past political leaders may have no where in our politics in 2015. By midnight, many are asleep but a new day surely begins. In December, many spend their hard earned resources but a new year with new challenges is coming. So, it is better that we are transparent and accountable now as the near future will be fearful. Those whose eyes cannot see are the people sinking in corruption and arrogance of being in leadership position without the mandate of the people. We must not fail to adhere to the 3 universal rights of all citizens. The present leaders should ensure that each citizen has the right to exist and survive as a human being. The second right is to ensure that each person has principled freedom of relationship and association with others leading to the right of multiplication of citizens and not indigenes of tribes. The third right has to do with access to and utility of public resources.

There is no guarantee that any of the states now will remain a particular party state only by 2015 if the present crops of leaders go ahead with the way they have been doing things. This is applicable to all the parties in every state they control and at all levels. Many unknown people will emerge from our midst and our people will be inspired to say enough is now enough. These are fearful times and no one should joke with the people’s mandate. The Edo spring should be a lesson note for our teachers and leaders.

If God is now with the people and dwelling in the hearts of the people, suppressing the people is to attempt to suppress the will of God. Such oppressing people will pray million times to die but cannot find death and they will want to live but cannot find life. If the present political parties and leaders must remain relevant, they must truly become the people’s party and not personal party. If you have an
umbrella, cover everyone well. If you pick the broom, make sure you sweep well and sweep everywhere. If you are our cock, crow early enough to wake everyone. If you feel you are the corn, provide enough for all. If you are the rising sun, rise early and bring forth shining light to all people or whatever you seek to do, do it well and for everyone.

This is the era of collective reliance and not the age of self-reliance. Winners cannot take all and losers must not lose all. Every vote must count and should be a stakeholder and shareholder. So, whether you voted for or against, you must be counted in decisions by the winners and losers. In the emerging supreme age that we are entering, there will be no need for separation of powers but harmony
of powers. The Executive, Legislative and Judiciary need to work together and not work against each other as enemies. We need to create harmony between the federal, state and local governments in the executive, legislative and judiciary. I have always wondered why at the federal level, we have an executive arm and a bi-cameral legislative arm but at the state level, we have the executive and a
state house of assembly. Where is the institution that represents the senate at the state and local levels?

It is a near wasted effort to have a parliament that does not understand the universal commandments of God but that seeks to create the constitution of men. The present constitutional reform effort will not bring the desired result as it is being guided by ethnic and religious sentiments. The moral authority of our corruption infested institutions does not allow the National Assembly to be able to make laws for the benefit of all. I have wondered when people ask for their states to be created. Does any child ask the parents to give birth to him/her? Rather, parents seek to give birth to children. The federal government need to realize the need to extend governance closest to the people and should desire to create states and not for people to ask for their states to be created. We need to abolish the idea of constitutional states as points of identity and not unit of administration. There is no need for states of origin even when many were born before their states were created.

The hour has come when we must make all things anew. We must re-create Nigeria now and ensure that by 2014, the foundation for national re-unification is established in Nigeria to correct the failures of Lugard’s 1914. Leaders with political mandates are in most fearful situation if they do not know. If they fail and another party wins, do they know where they will be probed from? The true political probe will go as far back as 1999 in the first instance. Thereafter we shall be probed to 1979 and down to 1959. Expect that Flora Shaw’s naming of Nigeria in 1899 and Lugard’s work until 1919 shall all be probed in the near future. So, we should urgently do what is right and at the right time.

I have guided before and I will re-emphasize again. Political leaders should wake up now and do three key things, namely the promotion of religious cooperation, regional integration and resources utilization.If the present abuse of public resources through corruption and regional ethnic hatred continues, the weakened and divided religious group in the country will plunge the nation into a new national war. The Biafra war of region and resources was fought and won but the if the impending religious war is allowed to take place, Nigeria will defeat itself and will surely cease to exist. We must quickly close ranks along religious and regional lines and wake up to stand against corruption and abuse of resources. If we fail, we surely will create a failed future and we have no where in the world to be welcomed as refugees. At a fearful time like this, we have only one way and that is the path of truth and sincerity with each other. If we fail, we are all gone forever. It is a counsel and not a curse and I pray that we do what is right at the right and in the right place now.

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