The Changes We Need in University Degrees,By Dr Raphael Ogar Oko

Every citizen without exception deserves to be educated to the highest level of . In most countries around the world, the university, regarded as higher institution of learning is the highest institution of formal . For this reason, there is the need to understand the fundamental mission of the university and offer solutions on the needed changes in degrees being awarded by universities.

The original fundamental mission of the university was to produce young graduates with a universal character and who will live as universal citizens with universally acceptable and useful careers. If this ideal was understood and realized, a university graduate from any part of the world will be useful wherever he/she goes making it impossible to be jobless.

Such graduates were to be awarded a bachelor/spinster degree for male/ respectively on completion of their study. A bachelor/spinster degree is actually a degree for /sisters,who have maintained their brotherhood and sisterhood status until graduation date.

Unfortunately, the universities failed to inspire and admit students who can maintain the sacred value of virginity of bachelors and spinsters but desecrated the holy degree for universal and sisters. Today, bachelor degree holders are not truly bachelors and spinsters are not awarded spinster degrees, which is an educational discrimination against womanhood.

We need to restore the value and dignity of the bachelor/spinster degree by helping the universities regain their respect through the introduction of True Bachelor and True Spinster Degrees, with both 5 characters and 5 credits as admission requirements. For the already older persons who may have lost their primary virginity, we need to provide for secondary virginity path, which is chastity from admission date until graduation date.

Thereafter, true bachelor and true spinster degree be awarded to persons who maintain their virginity until graduation date. Again, we need to grow the program further into the True Couple Degree, which be a replacement for the Masters degree and a True Parent Degree as a replacement for the present PhD as well as grow Professors to Perfectors.

As educators, we cannot be proclaiming falsehood in public places, confering bachelor degrees on people who are not bachelors in practice and it is ridiculous to call a woman, a bachelor. Again, without a character entry requirement and character in school, it is wrong to proclaim career graduates as ‘worthy in character and in learning’.

In the days ahead, we need true educators with true educational policies and practice. We need to award degrees with appropriate designations, bachelor for single , spinster for single sisters. During graduation ceremonies, students graduate as worthy in ‘character, citizenship and career’ and not worthy in character and in learning.

Surely, many things need to be made anew in this new millennium. Let us fly the new flags of true bachelor/spinster, true couple and true parents degrees as well as confirm learners as worthy in character, citizenship and career. May God bless universities as they begin a new way of raising universal citizens worthy in character and with unique careers.

Dr Raphael Ogar Oko, International Coordinator, Global Educators for All Initiative




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