TB Joshua: mourning members sing praises at Church entrance


Many members of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), broke down and cried uncontrollably on Sunday in Lagos as they struggled to come to terms with the galling reality that they would never see or hear the voice of the founder, Prophet T. B. Joshua, again.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the popular cleric died Sunday morning.

Some of the members could not utter anything audible as tears enveloped their faces each time they tried to say something.

Some of them, who were barely able to speak, told NAN that his death was unfortunate, especially at a time the nation was in need of strong voices to unite it and entrench love and genuine spirituality.

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They said that he committed his time on earth to serving God and humanity.

Others, amidst tears, wondered what their lives would be like, in his absence, as he was their saviour in time of material need and in prayer.

One of the mourners kept screaming that God should have taken her, instead of Joshua.

Details of how Joshua died are still sketchy, but one indicated that he died after Church service.

Joshua, who would have been 58 on June 12, was known as a fiery preacher and had followers worldwide.

He used his TV channel to attract a large number of Christians from across the world.

The TV channel, which is run by Joshua’s Church, is one of the largest Christian broadcast stations, available on DStv channel 390 and digitally on social networks.

Joshua was one of Nigeria’s most influential and wealthiest Pastors whose followers included prominent politicians and business leaders from across Africa and around the world.

Mrs Melinda Soares, a member of SCOAN, who came in from Seme, said “Baba”, as Joshua was fondly called by his followers, died for Nigeria.

“Baba has finally died for Nigeria ! This has always been his wish. I have never seen a man of God like him. He does what he says and says what he does.

“He still said the same thing yesterday on the mountain where we went. His death is a pointer to the fact that God’s will for Nigeria is finally coming to pass,” Soares said.

Mr Perter Lucas, another member, said God took Joshua at a very early age so that, through him, there would be peace in Nigeria.

Mrs Ifeoma Cherechi, a member of the Church, said that Joshua had been her helper over the years.

“Now that he is gone, I am at a loss. Without him, I would not have known Lagos State.

“God, please bring Baba back and take us. He should not die. Let it be that you called him to give him a message to us.

“He has been a good father to me, my landlord and my children, both financially, spiritually and physically. He has always been there for me.

“What will be my worth now? How will my life and that of my family be?,” she cried.

Meanwhile, members who came to worship but couldn’t gain access to the Church auditorium, have continued to praise and worship at the Church entrance.

They prayed for the repose of Joshua’s soul and prayed that God would brought him back to life.(NAN)