Taraba House: “Anti–Letter” Members Grow Amid Frustration Over “Unreachable” Governor

Gov Suntai on arrival -Source The CanaryBy Danlami Nmodu
There are clear indications that the letter purportedly “written” to Taraba State House of Assembly by ailing Governor Danbaba Suntai has suffered a major setback.Already ,there is a massive division in the House with those against the letter in the majority.It was learnt that initially 17 lawmakers were against Suntai’s letter which sought the House’s permission to allow him function as governor.7 lawmakers were in support of Suntai’s letter. Somehow, the schemes perfected by Pro Suntai forces seem to be falling apart, an insider said.
But this initial picture of division over the letter unleashed a fresh round of horse trading.Suntai loyalists succeeded later on Tuesday in wooing one more person away from the anti-letter lawmakers ,making those for Suntai to rise to 8.
Yet, there is no sign of any let up.Latest reports from Taraba said there are strong indications Tuesday night that in fact the anti- letter forces in the House will grow over night as two hitherto pro –letter lawmakers have made up their minds to join the anti- latter group.Effectively.The anti letter lawmakers are expected to be 18 ,or more by Wednesday morning.
Newsdiaryonline.com learnt that there is a sudden feeling of frustration among some of those who initially were vehemently in support of Suntai.There is shock and amazement over the fact that stakeholders and some friends of the governor do not have access to him days after his arrival.The leadership of the house, key stakeholders in the state’s security apparatus have been denied access to the governor and this is fuelling anti-Suntai feelings.

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One clear sign that the schemes of the pro Suntai forces may be unravelling is the failure of the Muslim community to react angrily to taunts and incitement last Sunday.Some people had gone seeking seeking trouble.But Muslim and some Christian leaders ,it was learnt quickly intervened to avert trouble.Sources said the plan was to instigate crisis that would warrant the declaration of a state of emergency.That was part their plan,a politician revealed.
Between Sunday and now,more stakeholders in the state including Christian and Muslim leaders have agreed, it was learnt not to allow the state to be dragged into avoidable violence.
Politicians in the state are said to be monitoring events with keen interest ,as there appears to be a consensus not be used by agents of destabilisation ,some of whom are said to be operating from outside Taraba.The bulk of Suntai- must -rule plots are said to be perfected from Abuja while local, desperate allies in Taraba have been working for Suntai’s return ,with little success so far.As reported earlier Tuesday by Newsdiaryonline.com,some pro Suntai men have been toying with the idea of cooking up a state- wide television and radio broadcast by the governor .The address may not last more than 5 minutes,because ,he doesn’t have the stamina to sustain a long one yet.
Newsdiaryonline.com learnt that the State House Of Assembly members who are enraged by the fact that even their leaders have been denied access to Suntai are now toying with several options.First, the House may indeed consider the letter if its leadership is granted is access to the governor.Two, there are feelers that the House may just move a motion for Suntai to go back and continue with his treatment overseas since it is apparent he has not fully recovered.
It was further learnt that the cause of frustration among some pro Suntai forces is the feeling that they have been duped by officials who lied to them prio to the governor’s return. “People were told that that the governor had recovered fully and he was returning to resume work.This lack of access to him has disappointed some of his supporters who are feeling duped”, a source said.

Yet there are those who still insist that the level of desperation shown by some of Suntai’s loyalists so far, calls for eternal vigilance to avoid a degeneration of the situation in the state.

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