Taraba crisis: Emir of Muri sues for peace

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#TrackNigeria Alhaji Abbas Tafida, the Emir of Muri on Monday, called on all the warring factions in the Taraba crisis to sheath their swords and embrace peace for a better society.

Tafida make the call at a news conference addressed shortly after a meeting with stakeholders in the area over the Kona/Fulani crisis in Ardo Kola and Jalingo communities in Jalingo.

The Monarch maintained that the Kona, Fulani, other tribes and the Muri emirate had been together for over 300 years and should understand each other’s ways of life and respect it to avoid crisis.

Tafida decried the latest attacks and counter attacks following little misunderstanding which left about 6,000 people homeless.

He noted that the cost of taking care of the Internally Displace Persons and the economic loss due to their stay in the camps instead of venturing into various productive ventures was collosal and disheartening.

“On May 9, conflict over less than one acre Egusi farm between a Kona farmer and a Fulani cattle rearer which resulted in the killing of a Fulani man on the spot, has degenerated into attacks and counter attacks.

“The people of Taraba must face the truth because the truth is already facing us.

“The truth is that we are a multi tribal society, that is how God constituted us and we must all accept that we shall live peacefully with love and understanding, controlled by the Constitution of Nigeria.

“No group has the right to eliminate any other group and any group that does not want to coexist has only the alternative to voluntarily move out if it has a place to go where they will be alone,” he said.

Tafida commended President Muhammadu Buhari for directing security agencies to end the attacks and called on the people to support the peace efforts of Gov. Darius Ishaku to enable him develop the state.

The crisis led to the imposition of an indefinite curfew from 6p.m to 6a.m on Jalingo. (NAN)

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