Support Amnesty Programme, Dokubo urges Niger Deltans


Rather than indulging in unnecessary criticism, the people of Niger Delta have been enjoined to get involved and fully support Presidential Amnesty Programme. Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and Coordinator, Amnesty Programme, Prof. Charles Dokubo, stated this at a meeting with the Niger Delta Amnesty Vendors Association yesterday, in Abuja.

Dokubo also reiterated his determination to ensure that Amnesty Programme funds are prudently managed for the purpose it was set up, in spite of pressure from individuals and groups seeking parochial interests.

He said he was unperturbed by the desperation of some persons who use the media to harass and blackmail him for his refusal to disburse funds meant for genuine beneficiaries of the Amnesty Programme to people not captured in the programme.

“If you are not on this programme, forget about getting N65, 000.00k monthly. You must be captured by this programme to be entitled to payment of monthly stipend.  Nobody from the Niger Delta has come to me that I didn’t give a listening ear. For me, right from the beginning, I have said I’m not going to use Amnesty money for myself; I’m in this Office to serve. I don’t need to steal money. Amnesty money is for empowerment of Niger Delta people. As long as I’m in this office, I’ll do the right thing. If you stand aside and watch, that is your business. Amnesty Programme is here for you. It is for all of you; to empower the Niger Delta people”. 

Speaking earlier, President of the Niger Delta Amnesty Vendors Association, Mr. Tari Okosi, warned youths and elders of Niger Delta against frivolous and malicious petitions that could turn back to haunt the region if the Amnesty Programme failed.

He commended Prof. Dokubo for his transparency in the award of contracts and establishing a Job Placement Unit that has created more jobs to people of the region