Suicide Bomber Kills Self With IED, Injures 7 In Attack On Yobe College

Reports from Potiskum Yobe State said  a  suicide bomber was killed while at least 7 others were injured in  an   attack launched against  College of Administrative and Business Studies in the town.

A man  armed with  an AK 47 rifle as well as Improvised Explosive Device (IED)  arrived  at the gate of the  college  in the morning and began shooting at random.Students and  lecturers were believed to be victims of  the attack.

Those who witnessed the incident said as the ammunition of the attacker seemed to be running out, he detonated  the IED he was carrying, thus killing himself.

Friday’s attack  seemed like  a typical Boko Harama incident but no one has claimed responsibility for this.

The group has been notorious in attacking schools and market places and public institutions in Yobe and Borno  states.

But the Nigerian military said it  has routed the group from most of  its camps in Adamawa , Borno and Yobe.Over 500 women and children have been rescued from Sambisa forests on the heels of renewed, strategic air and land assaults on the insurgents.

Despite the military successes of late, Friday’s attack implies that a lot of work still needs  to be done by the outgoing president Goodluck Jonathan who has pledged to hand over a Boko Haram -free Nigeria to his successor.

And for the  President- elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, it could also be a warning sign that he has to place the issue of security on the frontburner as he has always said.