STF :’Fulani can return to 4 plateau villages, except Mahanga’

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Spokesman of the STF in Plateau Captain Salisu Mustapha has confirmed that Fulani who have been displaced from their villages are free to return to four villages. By this latest development they are  free to return to Kakuruk, Kuzen, Maseh and shong 2  .They  have been told that they can go back home immediately ,our reporter said.The STF spokesman told our correspondent in Jos  that  military operation around those four villages are over.

But STF spokesman  added that residents of Mahanga village are not yet free to go back home.They have to wait for some  time as the operation at Mahanga is still going on.

The clearance given to residents of the four villages  will come as a welcome relief to the Fulani who have been in temporary camps away from their villages since they were evacuated to give way  to military operations aimed at flushing out insurgents believed to be in the area.It is also a source of further  relief to the Fulani Muslims who may now enjoy  observing their fasting in the month Ramadan at home rather than the discomfort of camps.

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