Stakeholders seek Enugu Govt’s collaboration to revive game of cricket

Stakeholders in the game of cricket in Enugu State, comprising former players, on Wednesday, solicited the collaboration of the State Government in their quest to revive the game in the state.

The veterans made the appeal on Wednesday, when they visited the Commissioner for Youths and Sports, Manfred Nzekwe, in his office.

Speaking on behalf of the stakeholders, Ogbonnaya Okogeri, said they wanted to revive the sport in the state and raise it to the level it was in the old Anambra state.

Okogeri said it was regrettable that the state was always not represented at national competitions whereas it had a lot of talents waiting to be groomed for the game.









”We once had a cricket pitch in Enugu metropolis, behind Ikenga Hotels, which is now a housing estate.

”I played cricket at the national level and won trophy for old Anambra.

“That is why my colleagues and I are here to ask for a place where we can build a new cricket pitch.

”Secondly, we want the state to inaugurate a cricket association to enable the game to flourish.








”We discovered that sports help to reduce crime to a large extent and reviving the game will also play a role in reducing crime and youth restiveness,” he said.

Okogeri said that the stakeholders had a team of cricket players that could represent the state at the upcoming National Sports Festival.

Responding, the commissioner thanked them for their interest in reviving the game in the state.

”I am here to work with stakeholders to see what we can do to revitalise and take all sports to  greater heights.







”You have our support for whatever you can do or any idea you can bring to the table for sports growth in the state.

”Fund is not everything because there is something the government can do for the game that is bigger than money, which is backup.

”Our purpose of being here is for the youths and whatever positive idea that can benefit them in the state and the nation is paramount,” Nzekwe said. (NAN)

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