Stakeholders commend FG’s approval of 5G network


Stakeholders have been commending the Nigerian government for approving the deployment of 5G (Fifth Generation) digital network in the country.

The Federal Executive Council approved the 5G network for Nigeria on Wednesday to boost the country’s digital economy.

Stakeholders told NAN in Abuja on Friday that the approval would boost the country’s telecommunications sector.

Dele Bale, a software engineer said the approval was a sign that Nigeria was among the very few countries that had embraced digital innovation.

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“ In a few years from now, other advanced societies would have moved to 6G or 7G, or even 8G.

“ So, if as a country, we are still deliberating on 5G, its funny but it’s a good thing that we have joined other countries to advance digital and communications economy,’’ he said.

Another contributor, Agnes James, said the eventual rollout of the 5G network would help her job as video content creator.

“As a video content creator, I seriously need the upgraded new 5G network to be rolled out in this country.

“There are some websites am unable to upload my videos on because our current 4G network is very weak and this is affecting my earnings and visibility,’’ she said.

A digital communications expert, Agnes Mobola, said sceptics who were connecting the 5G network to COVID-19, were absolutely ridiculous.

Mobola said both were based on different scenarios; while the 5G is based on electromagnetic waves, the corona virus is in the biological realm.

“The 5G is spectrum-based and scientists detected protein based component while researching on the Corona virus, which is a respiratory virus, so both are entirely two different things.

“The 5G technology emits speed of up to 100 gigabytes per second, which makes it 100 times faster than the 4G. So basically it helps in better gaming, connectivity, computing, and imaging for the health sector.

“ People should understand that seconds mean a lot in emergencies; faster transmission of messages which will benefit the info-tech sector and lead to safer societies is needed,’’ Mobola stressed. (NAN)

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