Special Force captures 11 Boko Haram leaders in Borno-The Nation

Boko Haram(bbc pic)By Yusuff Alli
Following the raid of Mandara Mountains and Sambisa forest in Borno State, the Special Force has captured 11 Boko Haram leaders, including one of those suspected to be behind the posting of online videos.
But the Special Force also recorded unspecified number of casualty in gun duels with Boko Haram insurgents who are regrouping in Borno State.
According to a member of the nine-man team which visited Borno State on an appraisal tour, the Special Force is making progress in warding off aggression from Boko Haram members who had shifted base to Manadara mountains, including Gwoza and 1 Kirawa Hills which are under heavy surveillance.
The nine-man team was led by the Director of Operations in the Defence Headquarters, AVM M. O. Faloyin.
The source said: “The land and air raid of these mountains have yielded results in spite of the difficult nature of the terrain. The special troops have captured more than 11 leaders of Boko Haram, including one of the coordinators suspected to be behind the posting of online videos.
“We are hopeful that we will be able to secure these mountains, hills and forests in the next few days. We won’t allow the insurgents any breathing space.”
A statement by the Director, Defence Information, Brig-Gen. Chris Olukolade, confirmed the arrest of some Boko Haram leaders but it was silent on the actual figure.
The statement also confirmed that the Special Force recorded some casualty in one of the units deployed to secure the mountains and Sambisa Forest.

Source :The Nation

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