SPDC reports 51 leaks in N/Delta this year

Shell Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) it has so far recorded 51 leaks from its oil production activities in Niger Delta in 2021.

According data obtained by News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) from oil firm’s website on Tuesday, 44 of spill incidents were traced sabotage by vandals.

firm said that seven of leaks were caused by operational factors.

“In May, eight spills which discharged 253.07 barrels of SPDC’s bonny crude blend .

“Of the eight spills recorded, six were caused by sabotage whereas two were from operational factors,’’ it said.

The data also showed that operational spills accounted for 6.07 barrels of the 253.07, while sabotage accounted for 247 barrels.

It said that in 2020, 159 spills were reported with sabotage responsible for 140 incidents, while operational factors were responsible for 19.

It added that 190 spills were recorded in 2019 with sabotage responsible for 183 incidents, while operational causes accounted for seven spills. (NAN)