South Korea inaugurates national COVID vaccination drive


South Korea on Friday launched a nationwide drive to the population against COVID-19.

The first vaccine to be administered was made by British-Swedish Company AstraZeneca.

A 61-year-old geriatric nurse received the first injection in Seoul shortly before the nationwide drive kicked off, South Korean broadcaster KBS reported.

South Korean President, Moon Jae In, has promised the country’s 52 million a free vaccination.

More than 5,000 caregivers and patients in 213 care and rehabilitation facilities were to get jabs first.





Contrary to previous plans, the health authorities initially excluded aged 65 and over from getting the AstraZeneca vaccine. There is enough data on its effectiveness in the elderly.

Initially, 1.5 million vaccine doses are to be available in South Korea, sufficient for a first and second jab for 750,000 .

The doses are produced by the company SK Bioscience under license from AstraZeneca.

Inoculations with another vaccine developed by Pfizer/BioNTech should start on Saturday.





South Korea wants to give all citizens a first jab by the third quarter year and achieve herd immunity by November.

The start the vaccination campaign is a step towards a new normalcy, the general director strategy and planning Central Disaster Management headquarters, Son Youngrae, said on Friday.




South Korea has managed the relatively successfully so far.

However, coronavirus-related restrictions have been tightened again since the end 2020 as the number creeps up.

A total of 406 new coronavirus infections were confirmed on Thursday.

The total number of people infected climbed to almost 89,000. (dpa/NAN)