SOKAPU ‘Queries’ Yero Over Yakowa’s Shoes

Alhaji-Ramalan-YeroIn what appears like an expression of disappointment with the performance of the present government in the Kaduna State since the death of Governor Patrick Yakowa, the President, Southern Kaduna Peoples Union,SOKAPU, Dr. Ephraim Goje has recalled that “when our Governor(Ramalan Yero) came in, he said he was stepping into the shoes of late Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa. I do not know the size of the shoes; whether it is covered shoes or half covered shoes.
Then he raised some posers:“To our politicians, I am giving you an assignment to go and check whether those shoes which Yakowa left behind; which our governor inherited, is he still wearing the shoes? Is the shoe still in his legs? Is the shoe still intact the way Yakowa left it? Has he abandoned the shoes and is walking bare footed? Or has he gotten another brand of shoes?
“Yakowa lived for us and died for us. I ask politicians from southern Kaduna, what is your political agenda? How united are you or should I say how disunited are you? The scale with which we weighed Yakowa is still there and it is that scale that we will use to weigh all of
“We are going to weigh you on that scale and that will form our decision in 2015. I ask the people of southern Kaduna to be united ever than before. We will not make any hurried proclamation, but as time passes on, you will read our body language”.
Dr Goje who expressed concern over the continued attack of southern Kaduna villages by unknown gunmen said “the priest, has told us about the activities of flood which has been ravaging some of their houses and churches.
“In my own parish where I am the Priest, which is Southern Kaduna, my own is not flood, but activities of terrorist groups. You have made appeal to build churches and parish house and you said your appeal should be off record. My own appeal should be recorded. My communities have been under siege for over two and half years now.
“Since the mandate was given to us to champion the course of the southern Kaduna people, our brother, Late Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa up till the time he died operated under very difficult circumstances. This was a man who could not sleep and could not eat. This was a man who worked for 24 hours to ensure there was peace in Kaduna state.
“Inspite of this, he never saw peace. We have had several attacks on communities in southern Kaduna and so many loss of property and lives. The most recent one is the murder in broad day light in a peaceful and loving community in Attakar chiefdom”.

Goje spoke at the remembrance mass organised by the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) to mark the end of the six months mourning period declared by the union for the late governor of Kaduna state, Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa.

SOKAPU used the occasion to sensitize its people ahead of 2015 general elections in the state .Goje said the performance of political office holders in the state will determine the support they will receive from the people of southern Kaduna during the election.
President of the union, Dr. Ephraim Goje while making these remarks added that the Union will not make any definite commitment at the moment .He assured that as time goes on, “you will read our body language”.He pledged that politicians in the state will be measured with the same scale with which Yakowa was measured while in office.

However , Commissioner for Commerce ,Timothy Gandu who represented the governor said that Governor Mukthar Ramalan Yero is still wearing the shoes he inherited from the late Yakowa, adding that because the shoe were not designed for him originally, he had to make some adjustment for them to fit him better.

The Commissioner for Commerce asked the people of southern Kaduna to support the Yero for the 2015 election, saying the government should not be abandoned because of the death of Yakowa.
He said “I stand here to assure my President that Governor Yero is still wearing the shoes Yakowa left behind. I also want to say that the shoe he is wearing was not originally made for him and when you wear the shoes that are not originally yours, in some cases you need foam to adjust.
“So if you see the governor cutting some places, it is not as if he is not wearing it, but to make it fit better. So, I want to assure you that your body language in 2015 will be because your brothers are in the government and because this government was given to us by God, you will not abandon us because we lost our brother. In his characteristic manner, he will
not be happy where ever he is. So, give us room in 2015 to continue”.
Rev. Fr. Raymond Danbonnu who was the officiating minister urged politicians to live by the promise they make to the people saying “if you are wearing shoes that are not designed for you, you don’t have to start cutting them. Wear them until they become your size”.

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